Annual Appeal


In 47 cities and towns, perhaps where you live or work, someone is receiving a meal because of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

Most of us have access to enough food to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but families right here in our community have to choose whether to pay their rent, heating bill OR buy food.

James, a 5th grader at a Lowell public school, made sure to eat every last bite of his school lunch – knowing it might be his last meal of the day. Most nights he ate popcorn for dinner while his mom, Catherine, sipped on ice water and refused his offers to share. James knowsCatherine works hard. What he may not know is that after paying the monthly bills there isn’t enough money left for groceries.

One day James went to the school nurse’s office. His hands were shaking and his stomach hurt. James wasn’t sick…he was hungry! He received a bag of nutritious food to get through the weekend. Included in the bag was a list of local pantries and Catherine was able to visit one on her way home from work.

Catherine’s eyes filled with tears of gratitude the first time James brought a bag of food home from school and again with the first bag she received at the pantry. Both bags contained food from the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. Now James and Catherine prepare and eat meals together!

Please make a gift today. Every dollar that you give allows us to provide 3 meals.