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Online fundraiser for Merrimack Valley Food Bank

Online fundraiser for Merrimack Valley Food Bank
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Danielle McFadden is holding a Thanksgiving fundraiser for the organization over Facebook.

The fundraiser has a goal of raising $ 30,000 to honor the food bank’s 30 years of service. Last year, the fundraiser raised $26,410, and it has raised a total of $65,150 over the past four years.

McFadden said on Facebook that a $25 donation provides a traditional Thanksgiving meal for a local family or 75 meals for families to help them through the winter; a $50 donation provides a monthly grocery delivery of 30 meals to a homebound senior or a bag of food for 10 children to get through the weekend; and $100 provides 300 meals.

One hundred percent of every donation goes directly to the food bank.

To donate, visit https://