Mobile Pantry

The Mobile Pantry Program maintains and improves the health of homebound clients in Greater Lowell who are elderly or have disabilities. The program is available to people in these groups who are experiencing food insecurity but are unable to visit a food pantry. Over 340 people receive a monthly grocery delivery that includes fresh produce, dairy products, frozen proteins, beverages, nonperishable items, and may include low-sodium and sugar free products as needed. The bags are personalized based on an individual’s dietary restrictions and food preferences.

Whenever possible the same volunteer delivers the groceries to a client each month. This provides the homebound individual with a regular social contact to limit their sense of isolation. Clients often express gratitude for both the food and the friendship they receive from this program!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mobile Pantry has also made deliveries to individuals who are quarantining due to a positive test or close contact and need food to stay healthy or recover during their quarantine period.