Food Rescue

Through our partnership with Stop & Shop and Hannaford Supermarkets in Chelmsford our Food Rescue team picks up perishable foods three days a week that would otherwise be thrown out. More than 1,900 pounds of food is donated by Stop & Shop and Hannaford Supermarkets weekly and are delivered at no charge to 20 of our member agencies in Lowell, Lawrence, and Chelmsford. The food includes bakery goods, produce, fruit, cheese, and prepared foods that can be heated (often individual servings).

In Lowell 14 agencies receive food, four in Lawrence, and two agencies in Chelmsford; seven of the 20 are pantries and 13 are either a drop-in center serving coffee/snacks at churches or residential facilities that offer a meal service. Each agency receives a box of food weekly. Food Rescue complements our Food Distribution Program. Approximately 6,400 people benefit monthly from the food these 20 agencies obtain from our Food Rescue and our Food Distribution Program.