Food Distribution

As our primary operation, the Food Distribution Program distributed 3.8 million pounds of food last year in47 communities. Foods are obtained from the federal and state emergency food assistance programs, and from food companies, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and individuals. Foods are safely stored and distributed from our warehouse three days a week through a network of more than 140 food pantries and meal programs at shelters, churches, residential, and day programs. The Food Distribution Program also serves our Mobile Pantry, Operation Nourish, Summer Lunch, Food Rescue, and Community Market programs.

Our emphasis is on offering low-income individuals healthy food choices that they are unable to purchase with limited income. We continue to lobby for more nutritious foods including low-sodium and sugar free products, and fresh produce from local farms. Our relationships with distributors, trucking companies, and food companies have resulted in access to numerous products that are not available through the federal and state food programs.

Our Food Distribution Program is capable of picking up and storing large quantities of food at a moments notice.  If you are in need of moving salvageable food, please contact us to schedule an immediate pick-up!