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New Home, New Look, Same Mission: Ending Hunger in Our Community

We are so pleased to announce the exciting changes that are taking place for the Merrimack Valley Food Bank this winter!

After operating out of a warehouse at 735 Broadway Street in Lowell since 1995, we have moved into our newly renovated location at 1703 Middlesex Street in Lowell. During the 29 years we made our home on Broadway Street, our organization grew exponentially – adding five direct service programs to serve populations vulnerable to food insecurity and growing our food distribution program to distribute nearly 4 million pounds of food annually and serve approximately 70,000 people each month.

The newly renovated building on Middlesex Street represents a huge step in our growth. The larger space, all on one level and with increased freezer capacity and more accessible loading docks, will allow us to serve more people with greater safety and efficiency than the prior space.

To recognize this new era in MVFB’s history, we are also launching a new logo and website to better reflect our larger role in the community. The new logo still features an apple, which has long been a symbol associated with MVFB, but the inclusion of people making up the apple shape better represents the importance of community and humanity to our mission. Orange is the traditional color associated with hunger relief and food insecurity awareness, so is featured prominently in the new design. The green also reflects our commitment to sustainability in all of our programs and practices.

While a new home and new look are major changes, our mission remains unchanged. We are still committed to fighting food insecurity in the 32 cities and towns we serve, working to ensure that no member of the community has to go to bed hungry.

As our Executive Director Debbie Callery says, “We really have an incredible team of staff and board members who are so committed to our vision of fighting food insecurity. Their dedication and hard work, and the hard work of the staff and board over the course of the organization’s 33 year history, have made it possible for us to be in this position where we can look forward to expanding our services and helping more people who are just trying to feed their families. It’s really a special time at MVFB.”

Please reach out via phone, email, or our contact form for more information about MVFB’s new home or to schedule a tour of the new building. We’d be happy to show you around!